Job Growth

Jobs are of the utmost importance to the state of Kansas. Private sector jobs pay for the critical services like education and social programs that our state provides. Without strong employment levels, the state can’t afford to pay for these vital programs. Therefore it is paramount that Kansas has an aggressive approach to creating jobs.

Tax Reform This starts with tax reform by lowering income tax. This is an important next step.

State Government – A partner in job creation, not an obstacle. Agencies and programs need to encourage job growth through their day-to-day activities, not create obstructions.

Limiting the Size of GovernmentGovernment agencies should be as efficient as the private sector. This should always be the goal and it should be the legislature’s job to achieve this.

Embracing of Small Business InnovatorsWe must understand who the new job creators will be in our communities and ensure that we remove any obstacles to their growth.

Lowering Taxes Burden

I am a strong supporter of lowering income tax. States with low or no income tax are outperforming states like Kansas. Taxes are traditionally described as the three-legged stool: income, property and sales tax. To be a state that encourages job growth it is essential that Kansas has a competitive approach to taxes. This means that Kansas must be competitive with all three. Kansas is not competitive with income tax and in many communities throughout the state we are not competitive with property tax. The State Legislature sets the level of Income Tax. So, the legislature can fix this problem. I propose and would support a deliberate approach to lowering income tax over the next several years.

With property tax, the local communities have the most control over property tax levels. However, the number of contributors drives the amount of revenue. By lowering income tax, I believe you will drastically increase the number of participants, resulting in more than sufficient revenue to pay for critical services that our state and local units of government provide.

Limiting the Role of Government

In the last decade we have seen and continue to see our government overreach more and more into our daily lives. It is critical that we step forward and

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challenge these actions. As your senator, I will fight to limit this impact. As a point of principal, it should be easier to eliminate a law than it is to create a new one.

Fiscal Responsibility

During the last decade, State government grew over 40%, while our cost of living only increased 27%. In addition, Kansas is ranked 48th in the nation in the number of public employees per number of people in the state. This tells us as Kansans that we still have a tremendous amount of room to control spending and exercise fiscal discipline. As your senator I will do exactly that.


Quality education of our children is vital to our state. It is vital to our children to have the quality of life we envision for them. It is vital to economic vitality of our communities; it is vital to the overall health of our state. As a business person who hires young citizens – products of our education systems – I have special interest in ensuring the success of our educational institutions. As a senator my goals will be to ensure that the decisions are in the hands of the parents, and as many of the dollars provided as possible are reaching the classroom. These should be goals for all of us and we should be able to work together to achieve this.


Our farming and ranching communities of central Kansas are critical contributors to the Kansas economy and play an important role in feeding people around the world.

Protection of your rights and ability to keep the family farm for future generations is very important. Protection from overreaching government is of the utmost importance. From farm dust to child labor laws, the family farm needs to be protected.

Pro-Life Advocate

The United States and Kansas Constitutions require Kansas Senators to protect life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. As your senator, I will protect life, starting with the protection of the unborn child. I believe in the sanctity of life and will work to achieve this.

2nd Amendment Right Protection

Both the State and Federal Constitutions give Kansans the right to bear arms and I will fight to uphold those rights.

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